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ZTR vs. Tractor mowing with trimmer

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While out mowing yesterday, I thought about the difference in time it takes to mow with a ZTR vs. mowing with my tractor and coming back with a trimmer to finish the job. First let me say this is NOT a scientific study by any means. No timer was used to generate any of the data submitted. All times are my estimates only and your times may vary.

While mowing with a ZTR, when I come to a tree, I do a thing I call a roundy round. It's not exactly what it sounds like. (most of the time) When mowing around evergreen type trees, it's true you can just drive around the perimeter, but with most "trunk" trees, you have to manuver around the trunk a little more carefully. (especially true of younger trees) With these trees I do a thing I call row boating. You mow close to the trunk and then past it. Then manuver back and around about 1/8th and then back to the trunk. You repeat this all the way around the tree. A little more cumbersome that a string trimmer, but not as bad as trying it with a tractor mower.

So. I estimate it takes about an extra 20-30 seconds to make a roundy round. (evergreens take about 5 seconds, but we won't consider them for this comparison) So lets say you are mowing an acre with about 20 trees. Lets take the longest estimated time of 30 seconds times 20 trees and we get an extra 10 minutes of mowing time.

I believe I can trim around a tree with my trimmer in about 5 seconds. So 5 seconds times 20 trees would be under 2 minutes. BUT! You have to add in the trimmer setup time and all of the walking around the 1 acre property. I suspect it would take longer than the 10 minutes.

To be fair, even with the ZTR, I have to use a trimmer once in a while. But instead of using it with every mowing as you would with a tractor mower, I only "trim" about every 4th or 5th mowing.

Any thoughts? Did I leave something out?
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Some very good thoughts and comparisons there. I can't think of anything you left out at this time. I think that the ZTR would be a bit more precise while trimming along walks, flower beds, property lines, etc, but that is my presumption.

Any other thoughts?
I solved that problem. I have a ZTR, a tractor and a trimmer!!!
I use them all, but I prefer the ZTR :D
I set up a rack that suspends beneath the rops in its folded position on my zero turn. I carry a Stihl trimmer with me, jump off when I need to use it. This eliminates all that walking, after all, thats why we spend our SS checks on riding mowers, isn't it.
I cut 4 acres more or less, it takes an average of 3 hours on my Kabota T1770. It takes 45 to 60 minutes on my Lazer Z :cool
Or you could add a trimmer to the ZT... (no idea if this link will work!)


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