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I'm looking to buy a ZTR to mow a bumpy, flat (no inclines) 1.5 acres with lots of obstacles and a really weird shape. I'm in the $3,000-4,000 price range and have pretty much narrowed it down to a Hustler Sport, 42" deck with the Honda engine, or the Toro SS 4260.

What's most important to me is durability, easy to use and easy to maintain. I don't give a hoot for cup holders, padded seats, perfect cut (my lawn is half weeds and I really don't care, as long as they're green) or bells and whistles of any kind. Just want a mower that will get the job done, pull a lawn sweeper (I need it to pick up the thousands of sticks and pine cones that fall into my yard) and last a *long* time given good maintenance.

I really like the Huslter, especially with the Honda engine. But, the deciding factor may be the dealers. I've taken my old Simplicity to both the Hustler Dealer and the Toro dealer for repair and I have a much higher opinion of the mechanics at the Toro dealer.

I'm also open to suggestions of other machines in my price range.

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Welcome to the forum Masterstroke! :)

I don't have personal experience with either mower. But my thoughts would be to go with your favored dealer. That's one way of giving your support so they stay around for when you need help. ;)
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