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ZT 2048 misses grass!

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I have a Gravely ZT2048 with a fairly new 26 hp Briggs. I have tried everything from blades, removing baffles, mowing slower, and I can't for the life of me figure out why this thing leaves grass standing! It doesn't matter if I mow in a straight line or turn always leaves grass standing. Im almost certain the belt isnt slipping because it's fairly new and pretty tight. I never hear the blade roar slow down either. If its pretty thinned out grass and not very tall it doesn't miss much but anything fairly thick or over 7 or 8 inches, I have to mow most of the yard twice! Any input would be great!
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No ideas ?
Wrong blades ?
blades out of sync. ?
I am considering an Ariens EZR 20-48 for $1.2 K
Ten years old...
Pull the belt and examine the unit assembly... the system
If a glazed or polished look, then we have slippage.
Maybe somebody else will know better than me, but seems thick grass that's 7 to 8" tall would be hard for any mower to get on the first pass.
I agree on grass too high and probably too wet. Blades on correctly? Mulching or blowing? Bagging? Height of grass is probably the problem.
Yeah, 7-8 inches is too much. Belts might be shot too.
Definitely too long .... try cutting on the highest setting ... then do it again at a lower setting ... still 2x but alot easier on your machine .
7-8" is near brush hog territory.

It's pretty normal to have to go over a spot a couple of times if the height of the grass is quite tall, thick, or exceeds the limit of the machine.

If the lawn is at average cutting height and you still find you have to go over it twice, then it sounds like the blades are dull.
:ditto: I'd be amazed if any machine this side of a BushWhacker could cope with something that tall..

Try some shorter grass..

The only thing I can thing is you don't have the right length of blades so they are leaving small uncut strips.

It may take another year for the OP to respond..
It did take a year for our replies.
It may take another year for the OP to respond..
It did take a year for our replies.

This one kind of got resurrected from the archives. Every once in awhile a post slips through the cracks and gets missed but it still is a good discussion. ;)
I didn't even realize the date...:bag:
Well, it did take the poster almost a year to check back...good thing he's patient.
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