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Went out to mulch some leaves with the Toro 74301 Zero-Turn and discovered one of the front tires was flat. It had a pinhole leak in the sidewall right at the tread. Drove her up onto a ramp on the other side and popped off the wheel. What were they thinking putting this tiny stem in there right up against the hub? Should have been an angled stem; if I ever have to take off the tires I'll definitely change them out. Do they use an angled valve stem on more recent models? It was a pain getting the valve out and back in, but I Slimed the tire and reinflated it and turned the tire so the Slime could flow to the hole. A tiny bit squirted out and that was that...

On a positive note, It was the first time I got to use my new digital tire gauge & quick lock chuck. What a pleasure! I was so happy with it that I did the tires on all 5 cars after the Zero-Turn.
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