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Z248F shutting off while running, putting left drive arm in Neutral restarts

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Mower starts and runs just fine, but after a very short time driving (often 10-30 seconds) the engine shuts off as if fuel has been cut off. Throwing the left drive arm into the neutral position keeps the engine running. Throwing the right arm into neutral does not have the same effect.

Seems to me like we have a bad switch in that left drive/control arm? Something in there is vibrating and causing the fuel solenoid to shut? Am I on the right path?

Switch has recently been replaced, but maybe with another defective? Suggestions?

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Get a wiring diagram and look at the switch logic. You can temporarily jumper the switch and see if that stops the periodic shut down. If it does replace the switch.
Also look at the activation method of the switch. Sometimes the plunger wears down and cause intermittent. Or the hardware side tweeks from age and doesn't hit square.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts