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YTS4000 Problems in Reverse

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I have a Craftsman YTS400 lawn tractor with a Briggs 24hp V-twin and hydromatic transaxle that I purchased new about four years ago. An ongoing problem that I have had, and Sears serviced twice, is difficulty backing up. If there's the slightest incline, it moves little if at all. My backyard has a decent downward slope to it ending at a bulkheaded canal. Often I find myself in the position where I'm stuck in a corner with no ability to back up. I have to get off the tractor and lift it up to move it by the front bumper, which by the way can get mighty hot. The first Sears tech said this was normal, that lawn tractors are not supposed to be able to back up an incline. Not happy with this assessment, I called again and asked for a different tech. He put it up on a portable lift and found a tensioner spring that was just too weak. He replaced it and it seemed to help a little but not for very long. So what can it be? A loose drive belt or a lousy transaxle? Or maybe I have no business riding a lawn tractor until I lose some of my 250lbs of weight.
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Welcome to MLF. Sorry to hear about the issues and the responses from service techs. 250lbs should not be the I would look at replacing the belt if you haven't since you had it. @ 4 years? Check your pulleys and inspect everything while you have the belt off too just to be sure there are no little surprises.
Being a hydro tranny are you running full throttle (Fast) position?
Welcome to the site, interesting screen name.

I would check the linkage to confirm that it is fully operating as it should. The spring tension you mentioned sounds like it may have something to do with it as the tighter spring helped. If you have the ability to do so carefully, have someone work the pedal while you watch underneath. You might be able to tell this way if it is and what might be going on and what needs to be done.

If you rule out the linkage, then I would pursue the transmission itself but definitely confirm first that the problem does not lay in the linkage first.
Thanks for all the quick responses guys! First of all... yes, I run at full throttle. I tend to think the weak link is in the drive belt too, because I don't want to think it's the transaxle. I will follow your advice and check out the tension and the condition of the belt after things settle down from all this holiday madness.
My gosh, I haven't seen Dr. Smith there since I don't remember when. Danger, Danger Will Robinson!

Welcome to MLMF Rent-A-Husband.
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