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YTH150 Replacement Deck

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I've been fighting the rusting battle and lost Saturday. Part of the deck on the right side broke off and rendered it unsafe. I removed the blade on that side to finish cutting the back lawn with some difficulty.

A brand new deck is going to cost me over $300. I was hoping to find a used one cheaper. The exact model number is 954-14-00-07. what decks will fit this mower? Will a different brand also fit it? Can I get a wider deck?

Thanks for your input.
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Welcome orion! :)

If the deck mechanically is in decent shape have you considered buying only the steel shell?

I entered the part number for the shell I found on this diagram page 42 & 43:

into Sears Parts Direct and came up with this:

Lot cheaper if your other parts are still usable to transfer over to it. :)
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