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Yo, New Guy from Pa.

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Hello, Just joined up the other day & this is the first time I had to check out the forum. I'll be going right to the repair section after this post. I just picked up my John Deere RX73 riding mower from the shop & was a little shocked by the bill I received.......$268.00. I don't have the bill right in front of me, but what the deal was: I dropped it off the other day because I could not get it started, it's an older JD rear engine riding mower & things are a little sloppy. The neutral safety switch is a bit sloppy & if you don't get it just right it will shut down the motor if you get off so you have to kind of play with it a little. Not much of a big deal, I've been dealing with that since I got it. Well my 2 1/2 year old was sitting on the seat & working the steering wheel one day(I was holding her & it was not running), & she moved the gear shifter back & forth. I figured no big deal I'll find the spot, well I could not & could not get it started. Plus with all the pulling, (that's another thing, the key ignition turns from stop to on to start, but there's not electric start on this model), the spring in the rope return gave out. OK, so I drop it off at a local shop, I've been there a few times, good mech.'s, & wait 3 weeks with out even a phone call. I stopped in a few times during the day & walked into the rear work area & it was sitting there with a "Waiting on part" sign. OK, I don't want to bust balls, waiting for parts is waiting for parts, what ya gonna do? They called yesterday & said "your JD is ready you can pick it up". I ran home, got the trailer hooked up & went down. $265....I was blown away, I didn't make a big deal then because it was closing time & every one was gone, just the front counter guy, not the owner. I'll be going back today to talk to him. I'm not sure what had to be replaced, the bill is out in the truck, I'll have to post up what was replaced & what labor was involved to get comments from you guy's, but don't you think they should have called & confirmed this price with me before they just went ahead & did the work? Am I just being a cry baby & should just shut the F up? OK, well there's the first post, too long & boring? I'll keep it short from now on. BTW: Thanks for havin' me, MAXX
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Welcome to the forum MAX, enjoy your time here!
Welcome!! Yes in my opinion you should have been notified before the bill got so big. But does it start right every time now is it fixed for that price? Maybe the shop guy had to make his boat payment and saw you coming!!
Welcome maxxfj took my husky to the shop and they charged me $99 bucks to fit a fuse and took them nearly 2 weeks to do it . Wont be goin there again . I hate gettin ripped off .
It's possible that the parts they were waiting for were fairly expensive. I, too, think that you should have gotten a call to keep you updated. Will be interested to hear what the problem was and what was so expensive.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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