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Yazoo Deck Clogs

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New to the forum, I have a Yazoo Kees Mid max ZT 52 inch deck. Have major problems with grass clogging under the deck. Anyone else have this issue?
Suggestions please. And thank you.
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Welcome to MLF Kevin. I'm not familiar with Yazoos but the deck clogging issues that I experience is usually from mowing wet or damp grass. There are some weedy grasses that retain a lot of moisture and tend to clog up the deck as well. I would try cleaning the deck thoroughly and possibly coating it with PAM or some other deck product and try mowing when the grass is dry. Another possibility is the blades are worn down and not producing enough vacuum to discharge the grass.
I agree, at times the grass is somewhat wet, I clean my deck at least once a week, and my blades are never dull. It just seems that the new equipment should be able to handle some moisture. Thank you for your input, I guess I expect more from my mower.
I run a Commercial John Deere Z810A with a 48" Deck and 20hp Kawasaki. Its a beast at mowing and it is extremely fast but when it comes to thick damp grass it will clog and I have to stop the blades and sometimes use the foot operated deck lift and bounce it a couple times to get the grass to drop. I try not to cut too early in the day. The Pros out way the Cons though! :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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