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X500 Front Receiver Hitch installation (with Hood # M152313)

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With the newer X500 (SN 020001- and up) the front receiver hitch was not an option from John Deere and was not possible for the X300 series.

With some minor modification and regular tools it's still possible to install the hitch on the newer tractor model.

Here's the list of tractor model that this modification is possible.
X300, X300R, X304, X320, X324, X340, X360, X500(SN 020001- and up), X530, X534.

The part number for the receiver hitch is AM133952. You'll need four grade 5 (three notch on the top of the bolt) bolts for each side (8 total) 7/16" x 1"1/4 and nylon self locking nut.

Note: If you don't find 1-1/4" length bolt, you can used 1-1/2".

[FONT=&quot]1. Remove the hood[/FONT]

To remove the hood you'll have to open it and disconnect the head lamps wire, which is on the driver's right side of the hood, where you should find a small white connector.

Note: To identify which side of the tractor is, you have to position yourself at the driver point of view.

[FONT=&quot]2. After you disconnect the wire, just grab the hood by two hands, one hand near the front grill and the other one at the opposite side (near the dash) and lift up the hood and place it on a safe surface.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]3. Removing muffler heat shield[/FONT]

To remove the front bumper you'll have first to remove the lower muffler heat shield to access the front bumper bolts. Four bolts hold the heat shield in place. Two bolt are located on the top and two on each side of the frame.

After you remove all screws, remove the heat shield by the bottom of the tractor.

Removing the front bumper[/FONT]

To remove the front bumper, unscrew the three bolts on each side of the frame.

Note: Two small bolts holding the upper heat shield have to be removed on each side of the frame. These bolts prevent the bumper from sliding out of the frame.

After you remove all bolts, pull the bumper out of the frame.

[FONT=&quot]5. Modifying the receiver hitch[/FONT]

The modification consists of adding holes for the hood bolts hinges.
We'll use the front bumper as a template.

Warning: Notice the main holes that hold the bumper in the frame are not exactly positioned at the same place on the receiver. Be careful to match the two parts like in the picture below.

a) Use C clamp or "Vise Grip" to secure the two parts together.

b) Drill two holes of ¼" in the receiver.

c) Use a hand held rotary tool, like a "Dremel," to grind the excess of steel to form the desired shape. Use hand file for the finishing.

d) Repeat the process for the other side.
e) Install the bolt hinges.

[FONT=&quot]6. Installing the receiver[/FONT]

Slide the receiver in the frame and use the 7/16" bolts that you previously bought to secure it in place.

[FONT=&quot]7. Reinstall the lower muffler heat shield ( four bolts)[/FONT]

Note: Don't forget the two small bolts on each side of the frame that hold the upper heat shield in place.

Note: Don't over tight the heat shield bolts.

[FONT=&quot]8. Modifying the middle part at the bottom of the grill.[/FONT]

With the new receiver hitch in place we need to grind the middle part at the bottom of the grill. This modification is to allow the opening of the hood.

With a small angle grinder, gently remove about ½" by following the same shape.

Note: Don't try to go to fast or the plastic will melt.

Note: You can remove the part from the hood (four retainer clips) and grind it on a bench grinder.

Reinstalling the hood.[/FONT]

Reinstall the hood and connect the head lamp wires.

That's it you have now the capacity to install a trailer ball and put up to four suitcase weight on the front of the tractor.

Originally posted on November 2011.
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