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X320 Review

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Yesterday I went to the garage and did a final checkout on the my new lawn tractor, I checked the level, it was perfect, check the oil, it was correct, the dealer had fueled it up full, I did a check of everything on the lawn tractor to make sure everything was correct and there was not one single issue.

On to mowing the yard. I started the X320 and proceeded out of the garage into the front yard at half throttle and pull the PTO lever up for the first time. The mower started up and smoothed out almost instantly. I increased the speed of the Kawasaki engine gradually and allowed the mower to go to full speed. I slowly started around the front yard at 3" and did the first lap. I immediately noticed on the first lap that I wanted the grass shorter so I lowered the deck by a 1/4" and tried that, much better.

After mowing the front yard I was highly impressed. This mower cuts the yard very smoothly and gives a great cut. So I continued and did the rest of the yard and about half way through the yard I finally noticed something I forgot to do. I forgot my hearing protection. I stop and get my hearing protection and put it on but I really did not need it as this thing does not sound like my L-120 did with the pint sized Harley sound it had. This thing is a lot quieter then the L-120.

I get to backyard and I have a steep hill that I always just drive around to the end of it and mow the top then drive down the top to the bottom. I thought what the heck let's see if this baby can climb up the this hill, sure enough that X320 thinks it is a mountain goat and climbs right up the hill. The L-120 would only go up about half way and the rear wheels would slip and I would have to back down and go around to the other side and drive down from the top side.

I got the yard mowed and noticed that I am finished about a half hour faster then before and I do not feel all beat up after doing 2 and half acres of grass.

I then finish and clean up the tractor and refuel it and it used a gallon and half of fuel where the L-120 would use a full 2 gallons and I would have to refuel to finish the area outside my fence. I think I am going to really like this lawn tractor. I am not beat up, I get better fuel economy, and the yard looks great. This looks like a win win for me.

Note this review is a copy and paste of the review I did over at Mytractorforum and some observations I made this morning after the cutting was done. The yard looks great and after working for a good part of the day doing the weed wacking and trimming around the fence I think this is going to be a great tractor.


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If I remember right the L120 weighed in at 554 pounds with the deck. The X320 weighs around 526 without the deck, the total weight for the entire tractor is 659 pounds according to my owners manual.

I am thinking the added weight is just enough weight where it is really needed to be a good hill climber. :eek:
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