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Hi everyone - I’ve got a Worx WG749E electric 40v mower. I’ve had it since last year. It’s a decent mower, but it seems to act a little unusually.
Firstly, it cuts out a little too easily and regularly when mowing. Even on even ground, fairly low grass, it seems a little too sensitive. Strangely , it doesn’t cut out when the self propelling orange bar is also pressed. But as you can imagine, I don’t want to be in self propelled mode all the time!
Secondly - the build quality is great for the most part, except for underneath the motor and various connecting wires seem very exposed. I can imagine them getting snagged if I ran over something too sturdy. I’ll post a photo below too.
Does anyone else have one, is this how they all look and behave? I’m wondering if this is a faulty unit, or just how they behave…


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