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Here it goes:
I need the at least the needle or carburetor for a Cushman Frontline 60" gas Wisconsin Robin WL3-1000 gas engine.
It's most likely a Mikuni Carburetor (who right on their website says go take a hike if you are calling about any questions related to something like my issue).
The motor is 33HP WL3-1000 Wisconsin Robin branded engine but was actually made by Teledyne so my research suggests. Wisconsin Robin is now Robin Subaru, while Teledyne I believe only makes airplane motors and such again as my research suggests.
The mower is a Cushman Frontline 60" and from what I can tell came in at least one other engine a Kubota Diesal motor which I have found parts for that does me no good.

I picked this thing up last winter from a guy who cuts lawns for a living but hadn't used it in several years..... but when he put it away last it ran fine:ROFL I purchased a new home last fall with over an acre of yard to cut and needed something more than my push mower and thought this would be perfect. It only has 1,100 hours on it and the deck, body, etc, are in great shape. I got it on the cheap thinking that I could at least part it out if it was too expensive to fix. I got it home cleaned it up and the only real issue was the carburetor. The gas had sat in it soo long that it ate away at the top part of the needle preventing it from being clipped to the spring. I sprayed a little go go juice with the carburetor off and she fired right off so I know it's only that little needle thats' holding me back. THAT'S IT.... THAT'S ALL THAT IS KEEPING THIS BAD MAMAJAMA FROM RUNNING.
Does anyone have or no of anyone who has the needle, carb kit, or even the entire carb (without a needle issue obviously) for this engine that they are willing to sell?
Or does anyone know of another needle or carb that will work off another engine? It's a side draft carburetor and I initially thought when I couldn't find the exact part; that my google and other searches would at least lead me to something that would work from another engine but NOTHING, NADA, ZIP. Any help would be appreciated.
I'll try to get a picture up in case there any any elite needle minds that just need a picture :)


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