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Will this deck change work??

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Sorry to bother with so many questions so soon but, have a mower down and need to get it going. Recently saw a nice lil murray today at a steal of a price bu the deck is shot, it is rusted out but the mower is in super nice shape. The mower is a wide body date of manufacture is 99261 the model is 40504x92 it has a 40" cut deck on it with a 12.5 briggs engine.

I was wandering if the deck from the mower I have with a blown motor would work on it? It is quite a bit bigger but it is a wide body as well. The manufacture date on it is 00334 model is 42515x92 with a 42" cut deck on it with a 17 Tec motor.

I looked as best as I could without actually measuring anything but the mounts and everything LOOK to be the same but I'm not exactly sure. Figured it may be worth getting especially if the my deck will fit it which I just cleaned up, powdered coated, and added new blades and bearings.
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Sounds possible. Getting out the tape measure would be the best way to get a better idea. Orientation of the belt would be another consideration to keep in mind when looking things over. Or, maybe an engine swap would work. Pretty hard to say without actually seeing them, but sure sounds like something there could work for you.
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