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Why are snappers so dang expensive?

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ive been looking into a new commercial grade self propel 21in mower. why are the snappers so high? the one i looked at had a briggs engine, for $709. is there something im missing besides the brand name? i could see paying that if it had a kawasaki or honda on it. :cool: just wondering guys, im a lawn boy / husqvarna fan. the new lawn boys arent worth buying and husqvarna did away with my favorite model. ive seen the snappers with the honda for around $1000. ouch!
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You can a nice snapper ninja model rp2172520 for good price around 300 to 530$ . They light and fast easy to move around . And lots of power.
Snappers have always been far more expensive than your generic craftsman. In the 1980's a 21" Hi-Vac with a few attachments was well over $750 which in todays market is far more than $1000. They were also a lot more of a machine then, in comparison to what they are producing now. A good friend of mine has been a Snapper dealer for 35 years, he said that he could make about $25-30 a sale on each craftsman or murray that he sold, and could make $150-200 on each Snapper that he sold. Snapper supplied their retailers with suggested retail prices and that is what they worked out to be. He no longer sells Snappers as they arent real snappers anymore

It says on the Snapper Website that the CRP21850 Starts at $750 Which for a commercial machine frankly isn't bad.. However, I personally would spend just a hair more and buy a commercial Ariens.. Frankly.. Twice the build quality.

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