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Ok first of all this is my first post so hi every one lol. Ill give you my numbers right now.

white LT 15-Tecumseh ohv180 eng number
engine family 3tpxs4902aa
mower model mumber 13a2682f190

Anyway, i just brought a white outdoor rider home cleaned it up, put a new carb bowl kit on, aired the tires up slapped a little touch up paint on it looking new basically and boy it was rough to start with but i got a great deal so ;)

Anyway, oddly enough, after washing the years of caked on crap off this mower i started it and let it run for about 30-45 minutes because it seemed as if the battery was a little drained thinking this would charge it up. Well to my surprise i turn the mower off, and when i turn the key really confident that its gonna start right back up it doesnt do ANYTHING. starter doesnt even attempt to move.

checked the fuse, its good.

So, i checked the starter with the jumper cable method, pos cable to pos batt terminal, neg to neg batt term........other end neg to starter bracket and pos tapped on starter connection -GOOD to go got sparks and starter movement!

moved the pos off the battery , swapped it to the battery side of the solenoid. tap starter and GOOD TO go have starter movement!

Moved the pos cable off the battery side of solenoid onto the starter side of solenoid WITH KEY ON ofcourse,tap starter...... NOTHING!

i would think this is a bad solenoid BUT you have all these safety switches , but my question really is, could the safety switches (seat, pto, nuetral safety switches) be causing the starter to not engage when the hot lead of the cables is on the starter side of the solenoid? Im lost at this point with the wiring.

And if it could be, where could i find a break down of where the switches are and how theyre supposed to be installed etc. because honestly theres just not enough room for me to see but if i need to take something off to be able to see ....knowing where it is would be nice otherwise id take the whole thing apart.
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