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Long story short, I inherited a Craftsman GT (~10 or more years old) mower with some issues. I spent the early part of this season getting the deck repaired with a new mandrel assy, spending about $60 and doing this on my own.

More recently I've developed an electrical issue where the battery was draining. At first I replaced battery... no good. Then I went with a second battery and a new solenoid... Another $70 and my time. The third time it went out, I called a repair shop. They tested it and set it home with another new battery ($100 for the battery and pick-up delivery).

Needless to say, it's gone out again. Repair shop came back to get the mower and has diagnosed a bad flywheel (lost it's magnets) and is recommending a repair in the neighborhood of $450. Flywheel, stator, voltage regulator. Am I being gouged?

Is it worth doing, or should I give it up? If I do the repair, help me estimate the life expectancy for this mower.

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Welcome to MLMF, Phaller104

This is a difficult decision and best made by the owner. I can only offer that you're into this $230 to date. Now, it's a matter of just how much do you like this particular model and would the money be better spent towards a new(er) rider?

Another alternative is, if you have the time, looking for a parts machine that's identical to your power plant. Craigslist or Ebay might be a way to go IF you have the time.

Personally, I would never allow a shop to charge me $450. for something I know I could do myself. It's nothing more than removing the 'tins' and barrow, beg or rent a flywheel puller and change out the flywheel, stator and regulator. I can imagine you'd spend a full third versus what a small engine shop charges...

On the other hand, if your budget allows a much bigger investment and one that should last decades instead of a few seasons, a high end professional or commercial grade mower might be the best thing.

Good luck and keep us informed, will ya?

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