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wheels falling off, recommendations?

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I own a Craftsman 917376661 walk behind lawn mower. I've had to replace one of the rear wheels three times in the last three years (part number 194231X427). The wheels are plastic and they are cracking around the base where the shaft inserts. Other than that it's a good machine. Could someone recommend SOMETHING that would help me? Could I buy a different wheel that isn't so cheap? A metal wheel? Maybe modify a new wheel to strengthen it up so it doesn't crack and fall off?
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I would suggest finding a set of wheels that have a metal sleeve on the inside where the bolt slides through.

Places like Home Depot sometimes offer a selection of them. I would bring in one of your stock wheels and see if you could match up a set that would work. ;)

Here is a picture of one for reference:

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I'd agree with Austen, look for a metal wheel to replace those plastic ones on the back of your mower. Not only will they be stronger, and no doubt hold up to the added weight when you lift the front of the mower to turn. They're most likely spinning on bearings, and not just the plastic rubbing against the metal axel, so they should spin more freely. Just remember to lube them every now and again, and they should do you well.
Just remember to lube them every now and again,
Definitely that too.
metal wheels are the way to go....they cost a little more but well worth it
Looks like a drive wheel

This looks like it is a drive wheel. There is currently no metal replacement for this geared drive wheel. If you are looking to make it into a push mower I have a snapper wheel that measures the same outside I would just need a measurement on the ID to confirm it would work.
Hmm, there might be a bit of confusion here. You say the rear wheel is the one that has given you the trouble, but the part number is for one of the front ones. Anyway, if it isn't a drive wheel, then I'd stick with my recommendation to use a metal wheel as the replacement.
I must have looked at the wrong part number. It is the rear wheel, not the driven front wheels. I'll take a look at the local hardware stores and see if I can find a good replacement.

Thanks for all of the replies!

You can consider this thread closed.
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