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whats Lawn Tractor or Riding Mower do I buy

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Hi all, I was referred here from another forum.

My 15 yr old MTD is almost at end of life unfortunately, so im out shopping for a new Tractor/Rider

Budget is $2000-3500 Canadian

I want something to Last
It will be driven by several family members (not all of who, may be careful)
Im cutting ~3 acres
Ground is uneven, obstacles in some spots, some slopes and a very small hill, and a ditch.
I dont care about colour, style or brand, I just want quality and reliability.

Im considering Massey Ferguson, Cub Cadett, & Husquvarna since i have local deales for all 3 in the area

I believe most of these are built by other companies and re branded (Massey are built by Simplicity)

whats my best bet. ?

I bought a D140 John Deere at HD last weekend and took it back within 30 minutes for a refund. never got it off the trailer. Quailty was so poor that the deck hangers (pot metal) were all broken off when I got home (smooth road, tied properly on the trailer).

thanks for the insights, i hope my next tractor will last as long as my old MTD

Thanks in advance
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Hello, Dave, and welcome to the forum. You will get a lot of input here based on your needs and wants. I have a couple of John Deere machines to I cannot give a you any testimonials on the brands you are considering. Several folks here have the brands you mentioned and will be along shortly to offer you the pros and cons.

Do you plan to use any attachments, such as snow blades, tillers, blowers, etc? That might have a bearing on the suggestions given. Good Luck!
Avoid buying power equipment at the "Big Box" stores like Home Depot, Lowe's etc. where the sales staff ( if u can find one ) knows nothing. Your local power equipment dealer is the best place to buy ( no, I'm not one ) and can give you assistance on what to buy and after the sale service. In addition, your purchase will come fully adjusted for correct performance and many will deliver, without charge, to your home.

Yes, that same dealer is required to service what you buy at the Big Box stores but you will be put at the end of the line, in most cases, so they can take care of "their" customers first. Prices should be about the same at both locations if not identical. AVOID CUB CADET at all costs !
lawn tractors

i have a cub cadet gt2550 i have had for 2 years i haven't had any trouble with it i bought it from a dealer not box store because it was built better and because of service and getting parts if needed i have a front blade and disc and pull a sweeper and large lawn cart with mine besides using it to mow i also used it to drag my yard when i had dirt work done with an 8 foot i- beam.
Local Dealer

Did quite a bit of research on mowers under $2K and feel most mowers in this range are fairly comparable. I'm by no means an expert but here are some of my findings at this price range.

Many mowers are made by the same manufacturer and simply rebranded...and those that aren't...are made with lower quality materials in order to compete w/ pricing.

If your budget offers you to go into the $3K range...there's a whole new world of tractors available...and again very comparable products.

Out of the dealers available to you locally...I would definately check-out the Massey Fergusons. Massey Ferguson Lawn & Garden is a brand offered by Simplicity Manufacturing, Inc. Simplicities have a full roller on the deck that creates a beautiful cut pattern.

Not sure if any of this helps... Have fun shopping!
Thanks for the Reply's everyone.

Went to a few dealers on the weekend to checkout their stuff. I decided to stay in the $2500-3000 cad. range.

Massey were nice, but I ended up going with CubCadet.

Got the CC 1054 SLTX -- much bigger Tractor than the massey available in that price range ($2800). Seems very solid and well built, has 26hp Kholer, 54" deck, larger wheels, all wheels have bearings (greasable), rear wheels are bolt on, cast Iron front cross member, all steel deck with greasable spindles (no plastic guards over the pulleys). better Transaxle (tho not servicable like you get inthe GT series). I really wnated the 2500 series GT (sme size as the one I got), but it was $4800.
Congratulations on your new toy ... errr tool Dave! ;)
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