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Some simple Dos and Don'ts


1. Post threads in appropriate forums.

2. Keep your posts appropriate for all to see.

3. Post pictures if you have them. They make the site fun and interesting.

4. Use the "Quote" option in the poster's window to open a new reply window and copy what they posted into it, automatically. This will help others reading your post to better understand you if the original text is further up the page or on a previous page.


1. No posts that do not fit in with the focus of this site, except in designated Off-Topic area.

2. Political or Religious threads of a derogatory/controversial nature are NOT allowed.

3. Sexist threads are NOT allowed.

4. We all love our equipment, please, no brand bashing.

5. No unsolicited advertising of any sort, including any sort of advertising in your signature. (Paid advertisers are exempt from this rule). For a complete description on the rules and exceptions of advertising on MLF, follow this link:

6. Typing in ALL CAPS is considered SHOUTING and should be avoided. This doesn't mean you can't use capital letters for EMPHASIS...just keep the other meaning in mind.

7. Don't keep quoting the attached photo/document repeatedly. Just quote the words and say what you will. We don't need to the see the pic 15 X.
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Not open for further replies.