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My Craftsman 55 Series B&S Push Mower is stalling and smoking (white smoke) out of the muffler. This seamed to happen after I tried to mow some heavy growth in the rear of my yard. I did the following to try and correct the problem:

1) Changed the filter - it was soaked and clogged with black oil
2) Changed the oil
3) Changed the gas
4) Cleaned the carb. - the diaphragm was torn in one spot but I didn't have a replacement so I put it back. Do I need a new one?
5) I unscrewed the muffler. It is all "charred" near the center. Not sure if that is a problem.

What else can I do? I also noticed that when I pull on the starter it is hard to pull sometimes. I read that it could be a bent crank shaft. The crankshaft is $90+ to replace!!!

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Model 917.388190
B&S 4-Cycle engine model no. 10T802-1059-B1
Craftsman Rotary Lawn Mower
550 Series
21" Rear-Discharge


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.. smoking (white smoke) out of the muffler. ......

1) Changed the filter - it was soaked and clogged with black oil..
Welcome to the forum chev!

White smoke on that engine sounds like a lot of oil. Being the filter getting clogged that sounds like how it is getting into the cylinder and burning. Must be coming back through the crankcase vent.

Now you just have to figure out why it is blowing (or sucking) out the vent into the air filter. ;)

I'm not sure about the diaphragm causing that. Might depend though where the tear is at. Best to replace it first and see what happens. Lot cheaper part then the crank to start with. :)

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Hi Mark,
Thanks for the reply. Another look at the mower yesterday revealed that the crimp on the starter pull rope had moved. I now remember that it had gotten caught on the threader on the mower handle because I believe I put the threader (if that is what it is called) back on backwards. It appeared not to matter at first. I think the motor was revving too much. How can I get that crimp to move? Do I need to buy a whole new starter or can I replace just the pull?

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