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Whether it's bringing home that new piece of equipment or making a haul to your relatives property to lend them a hand with yard care, our OPE gets to take the occasional excursion. In some cases that may mean using some pretty creative measures in order to do so while for others who do so more frequently, use more traditional methods.

So let's see what gets your equipment from point A to point B. Pictures are always a bonus and feel free to provide any other additional details such as what you like or maybe don't like about your current hauling method. In any case, as much as we love our OPE, we just haven't yet reached the point in Vogue when flashing your lawnmower shotgun style in your convertible is the latest fashion trend.

I'll start out. I use an enclosed trailer with a ramp door. I like the enclosed trailer because if I stop somewhere while I'm on the road, I don't have to fear vandals and it also keeps the cargo dry and protected from the elements. The only disadvantage is that you can't see what your cargo is doing so it's not a bad idea to use an extra "back up strap" or two on your equipment for extra security.

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