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To think I gave away my old Jake rider as a trade for the Deere to the local shop. Always been in a garage and no rust except the deck was getting soft in places and the spindle bearings were totally shot. The delivery guy looked at it and asked if it run. Yep, smokes a little, never been rebult with a lot of hours on it. "Does it drive?" he asked. Yes, just won't stay in second gear. "You know you can get replacement gears for these yet." I know. "Hmm." I gave him the bucket of parts with the blade spindle bearings that I could not find anywhere other then to have them custom built by a machine shop and he drove it up on the trailer and looked it over some more and left. Always wondered if he did not drop it off at his house on the way back to the shop. :D

Heck I could have sold it for $800 if I knew what I know now as for the price some ask. ;) :ROFL
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