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Went and looked at my next possible rescue yesterday, what a shame! It was a CC ZTR that my neighbor told me about. He said it looked pretty good from what he could see without inspecting it. And best of all he only wanted @$250 for it! I was on my way!

:mad: Lets start from the front:

All wheel bearings shot
Tranny control you had to push all the way down just to engage, Major play and wobble in every direction, nothing left to adjust
seat torn up
deck was off on the side missing discharge shoot and who knows what
clutch had blown apart from bolts loosening up
wiring harness pieced together
80% of the safety switches bypassed and sticking out with a piece of wire stuck in them
Engine leaking oil from all the usual places dripping on the muffler (surprised it had one)
Tires all dry rotted
vent tube missing from one transaxle with a bolt stuck in the vent tube hole
engine was @+- a quart of oil low
took off the air cleaner cover and a new air cleaner that looked like a quart of oil, the one missing from the engine, was poured all over it.

It did run though...:dunno:

Owner wanted nothing less than $275 :confused:

I came home with an empty trailer

I guess if everyone took care of their equipment we would never get a good deal on a fixer upper.
:soap: I'm getting down now.

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About an hour round trip including the inspection. At least it wasn't half a day.:dunno: Maybe next time...

If he would of givin it to me I could have made at least a dozen Tech articles though. :D
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