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I own a allis 416s and it is my pride and joy. Hard to find parts but use it for the BIG jobs that need done. Also bought a 2008 regent and love it ti death. Guess you can start out loving green but when the truth comes out orange is the only way to mow.

I have 20 or so simplicitys that get used alot . If asked to sell one the answe would be NO. They are the best machine I have used and am always looking around when driving to see if anybody has a well used tractor sitting around that they want to get rid of:):D:):D
Broadmoor 738

I have a 1973 Broadmoor 738 complete with tiller and is going to be my winter project . :D
I am looking at buying a 712 allis wondering if they are as good as my 416 allis. I have doubts about the hydro if it will hold up as good as my shuttle.
Hi, I am a newbie, but have a 1995 Broadmoor 16 hp Hydro. Runs good, but many parts missing or worn out. Trying to get it ready for the season.
I have four, (1) 1920 Ultima , pure joy to ride, no attachments yet! but looking. (2) 716H, pure work horse, 10" moldboard plow, 36" tiller, 40?" front snow blower, it loves to plow amazing, had since new, no issues at all.(3) 808, cute! the front axle is fixed direct to the frame, so you can really put the weight on it, looking for a loader for it. (4)a scamp, rear engine rider, used for mowing, this thing is stamped out 1 piece of 12 ga. steel. has been backed into by wife more than a few times, don't know why! don't hurt it any and she not getting a new one. And i have a 10/32 allis chalmers snow blower.
Used mower

There is a used simplicity Broadmoor 18/44 with 170 hour with bagger and snow blower for around 2600 is that good value.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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