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Hey guy's, found this site via MTF. I'm 'oldgardentractornut' on that site.

When it comes to lawnmowers, my nitch is antique Jacobsen reel mowers.

This is the mower that got me into them. It's a 1949 Jacobsen Lawn Queen. It was given to me by my father a few years ago who had a friend that that used to own it who bought it new before he past away. Ever since, I just really took an interest in the mower as I had never seen one like it, found it really unique and liked the build quality of it. At that time, I started collecting some spare parts for it in the case that I would ever need them one day further down the road like a couple carburetors, recoil assemblies, mufflers and even a couple of spare engines that were given to me. Also gathered all of the original ads, manuals and brochures that were made for them back in the day that I could/can find.

Anyway, I just recently went through it all, restored and finished it Christmas of 2009. Here's a few pics,

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Looks real nice! Bet it was all worth it the first time you went out started it up and cut the grass wasn't it? I have never owned a reel mower but have heard that they give a real nice cut. Oh and welcome to the forum!
That is a great Resto! Good job on it!
That is a great Resto! Good job on it!
Ditto, I'd love to try restoration like that sometime. Good job!
Thanks guys. The restoration was a lot of fun.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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