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Own a Bolens Mower? Have a Lawn you are proud of? Introduce your self!
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i thought i did
Having trouble posting Bob?
Introducing Myself

Hello I'm from South Louisiana and own a Bolens. Probably not the best choice but I've bought higher-end mowers before and they didn't last any longer or stay out of the shop. I keep it sheltered, check and maintain the fluids and it's nearly as bad as if I'd neglect it. Confused about these things.
I own a 1969 Bolens 1455 that I bought in 1979 what a mower, at least 30 years before its time. Fast forward 40+ years and 4 new motors it just as strong as the day it was new. I am convinced that hydro transmission will out last me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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