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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our newest Moderator, Austen, to the membership.

I think that you will all agree that he's a real stand-up guy and very helpful to new and old alike here on MLMF. He's been here pretty much since the beginning and has been a great participant since the start. So, if you have anything you need or questions to ask, you now have another moderator to which you can pose your questions.

Congratulations, Austen! Glad you accepted the offer!

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Thanks again guys!

It is truely a complete honor of mine to have been able to join and help the wonderful team of individuals who watch over our site.

It has also been a pleasure to obvserve MLMF's growth from the beginning and become more and more active on a daily basis. Our forum has a lot of potential to flourish into a very active website and I look forward to watching the continual progression torwards that. Being a member here is a lot of fun and I always enjoy meeting new people.

I would like everyone to know that they may contact me at anytime, I am here to help and provide assistance in any way that I possibly can.

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