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Just sitting here at the computer thinking about a project I did a few years back and thought I'd post some info and photos about it. About 6 years ago I had a weeks vacation to burn and nothing to do. I had been reading on some woodworking projects and stumbled across a canoe project with free plans. I downloaded the plans and read them over several times. If nothing else, they do make good reading! Anyway, I decided to try my hand at building this canoe. I made it out of 2 sheets of (I think 3/8 inch think) plywood. Then came the finish. I thought it was a polyester resin, what you get for doing auto repairs. I was wrong on that part, but seems to have worked fairly well anyway. If I was to do it again, I'd use the correct product, a 2 part epoxy. That hardens up much better, I think.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took of the canoe recently. It is presently down in my basement, having been in the water only 1 time if I remember correctly. If anyone wants a copy of the plans, let me know. I will either send them or give you the link. They are definitely free plans, just download them and print them off. About 25 pages. Like I said, it really does make for some great bedtime reading when it's cold and snowing outside. I have about $150 in the whole thing. Took me much less than 40 hours to build and about 35 of that was the finishing with the resin and painting.


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Wow Brad,

It looks nice...and for the money, how could you beat it?

Do you canoe allot as I see another one in the background?
No, I really don't canoe too much. I've had the other one for about 30 years and it's been out maybe a dozen times or so, total! Should sell it but always think I'll use it "next year".
If you sell it, next thing there will be a flood and you'll wish you still had it. :D

I have a basement, garage, attic and tool shed choc full of items large to small like that. Although I never learned to swim and don't like to be in or on water deeper then my knees. Never been much point in my having a boat. ;)
That sounds like a really cool project! Nice work on it, looks great!
Good project, looks nice. Brad can a electric trolling motor be installed on a canoe like that if a transom was built on one end? How about a small sail?
Yes to both of those I'd say. They do have specific plans for a small sailboat also. Some pretty easy builds.
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