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Water in Rear Wheels

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I have a Aries 54" 2010 model. I have a lot of places in the 2.75 acre yard where the rear wheels slip as the yard roles down toward a bluff and I'm trying to come back up the hill. Its about a 25 degree angle, the wheels slip on the grass. When I had 30 acres and a tractor we would fill the wheels with water for better traction, but they had inner tubes. Im afraid to do this with the lawnmower because of rusting the rims. I don't have the room to add a rear weight hanging off the back. Is there another solution? Something cheap that wont rust the rims?
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It will work until it freezes or the rims rust out. Windshield washer fluid generally doest the same thing. It will not freeze and doesn't rust wheels. Buy a bunch when it is on sale and have at it. Leave some air in the tires or it will ride like you have steel wheels. Roger
Any idea how much I will need and how much weight it will add?
Tire size? 23x10.50-12s take about 8 gallons each. I gallon of water is about 7 to 8 pounds. Roger
Ok now the big question. How do you get the fluid in the tire? With a tractor we used an adapter hooked to a water hose.
Same way or take the wheels off. Lay the tire on the ground. Break the top bead. Pour the liquid in. Add air. Put wheels back on. Roger
I guess I could pull the valve and use a small funnel.
thank you
An adapter works better as you have to burp the air out in order to get the liquid in. You can go ahead and do this but for all the bother and problems connected with this whole process my opinion is buying a set of weights is cheaper in the long run. Roger
I assume you mean the wheel weights that fit on the outside of the wheels?
Either wheel or suit case weights. They both do the same thing. Suit case ones can be a bit harder on rear axle bearings but if you don't use more than manufacturer recommends it shouldn't be a problem I personally use the round wheel weights on my JDs and Sears tractors. Roger
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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