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Used Riders

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My first time posting to any forum - please excuse any screw ups!
I need to buy a used rider. Am considering the following. All are late 80's/ early 90's unless noted and $350-$600. Thanks for you're comments & recommendations!

1. Troy-Bilt 14 HP Twin Cyl I/C B&S
Murray 14.5 HP OHV B&S I/C
Early 2000's MTD 18 HP Opposed Twin B&S I/C
MTD 15 HP OHV Diamond B&S
Craftsman 15.5 HP Kohler Command I/C
Deere Sabre 14.5 HP Cyl I/C OHV B&S
Poulan 17 HP B&S OHV Intek
Lowes MTD 18.5 HP B&S I/C twin cyl
2007 Troy-Bilt Super Bronco 19 HP Kohler Courage OHV
Craftsman GT 18 HP B&S twin side shaft heavy duty
1988 Deere 160 14 HP Kawasaki OHV
1992 Deere 172 14 HP Kawasaki OHV
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I definately give the John Deere 172 the first pick and the 160 next place. Next on the list would be the Craftsman GT at #10. As far as the rest I would stay away from them as Austen aready stated. It's very important to check the tractor out very thoroghly before buying. For example, just because a tractor is John Deere or some other name brand doesn't nessecarily mean it is a good buy; far more important is how well it was maintained.
Wayne195 - Austen mentioned some of the B&S twins had issues with the plastic flywheels keys breaking. How could I determine if the Craftsman GT has that problem?
Sorry for not replying sooner, Kirk. I am not sure which Briggs engines have the plastic flywheel key, but I wouldn't be concerned about that. Sure, it's something that could create a problem if that engine has it, but if it would break I'd promptly replace it with a metal flywheel key and the problem is fixed. It wouldn't be complicated or expensive to repair if it did break.

Maybe Austen has some more info on this issue...
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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