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Unique Restoration

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It's not a lawn mower or tractor, but it is used outside. Back in November of 2011 we had a customer bring a machine in for restoration. The story was the customers dad custom built this machine back in 1962. While building it, something popped loose and put his dads eye out. After healing, dad finished it and it was put to use. When David (the customer) dropped it off, he said take as long as you want, 6 months if you need, just make it look pretty with lots of black and red, maybe some silver highlites. Doesnt have to work, just look good in his foyer. Well, late December David calls and says dad is 92 years old, is coming to his house for Christmas dinner and could we have it ready by the 24th as he wants dad to walk in on the 25th and see it restored! Well, we (being my wife and I at the time) had 5 days to disassemble, sand blast, prime, and paint!!! It was a cold, wet, humid week for So Cal, paint was slow to dry, I had the flu the first 2 days and the wife had it the last 3 days. But we came through!!! The wife was still doing touchups with the air brush and artist brushes when David pulled up! Well, we did it just like they would on TV. Shop door down, the "object" this thing used sitting in the proper place...I brought David up, rolled the door open and brought a tear to his eye.

What is it? Well, instead of trying to post over 30 pics here, check it out on our Facebook page.

It is fully functional although it will never be used again. Some of you might of seen it over on MTF, but I thought I would post it here too. We take pride in our work and I think this will show just how much! Cant figure out what it is? Just ask.
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That turned out looking good! :cool

The fellow must have been pretty slick mechanically to make something like that and get it work as intended. Wonder how much tweaking he had to do to it before the ball came out at the exact time and direction?
From what I understand he had studied Pro models before designing his own. You can adjust spring tension for speed. Wish I had of done a video of this one to show how it worked.
David keeps a stack of our cards sitting on it because every time he opens the front door everyone wants to know who did it.
That is beautiful, nice work! What a touching story too.

The fellow must have been pretty slick mechanically to make something like that and get it work as intended.
I definitely agree.

Thanks for sharing this with us! :)
Very nice job you did there. It shows the dedication you have to doing a good job and to meet deadlines to accomplish the job while you and your wife tag teamed the flu bug in a short amount of time. Thanks for sharing that with us. Hopefully that will inspire a few of us to finish a few of those projects in the backs of our garages. :cool

How long was that pitching machine used for? Was it used by the customer when he was young on a team or for practice?
It was used by david as a kid for practice at home, and subsequently by his kids. He has grandkids now but swears this machine will never be used again. He invited us to be there when his dad first saw it on Christmas morning. That would of been cool, but we didn't want to intrude on their Holiday, plus thats when I get to open my presents :D
Totally understandable! :)
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