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two different carbs still wont start

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Hello, have a b&s 6.5 on a log splitter, it will only stay running if i spray gas in the carb, stop spraying and it dies, this is what i have done....n ew gas tank and line cleaned the carb out. Gas gets into the bowl, the float is working fine. this is where it gets funny. i took a carb off my "running" power washer (same model) put it on the log splitter and same result.. Any help would be great.. thanks
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Welcome to the forum flyhigh! :howdy:

Only guess I can come up with is an air leak somewhere between the carb and the intake valve making it run lean. Mabye a bad or missing O-ring or gasket (if used) at the carb connection point?
Thanks for the welcome.... The o-ring is on. I will go and buy a new one and see if that helps. thanks
Engine Model and Type numbers would help in the diagnosis. L-Head or Intek?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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