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troybuilt super bronco

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My sister in law has a 2007 model. It was mowing and died. It has set about a year. I checked the mag with an ohm meter. It was dead on the primary side,secondary side was reading 12k. I didn't pay that close of attention to it because the primary was dead. It doesn't get a solid 12 volts to the wire that goes to primary side. It turn over fine and is getting fuel but no spark. I don't work on mowers so I'm not sure what to check. I have a new magneto coming on Friday. Am I going down the right path? Anything I should look at before starting with the new mag? Do these magnetos just break? I am worry a wiring short may have happened? Any ideas out there?
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Once you get the new coil on, leave the "kill switch" wire off and try to start (make sure it's not in gear or otherwise unsafey if the engine fires). If it starts, put the wire back on. If that kills it check all your safety switches are in normal starting position. Usually, the brake / clutch has to be in / down, the blades disengaged and a person sitting in the seat.
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Would that be the red wire that goes to other side of the engine? It's in the same plug as hot wire for coil.
I don't have the wiring diagram for that model. I assume that the engine has magneto coils that fire off the flywheel magnets. If that is true, and it doesn't have an ignition module, there is usually a single wire plug on the coil(s).
If you post the engine model and serial and some pictures, we could help more.
I found Troy-Bilt used the "Super Bronoco" on mowers and tillers so the engine model and serial as well as the mower model would be useful.
Ok not near it right now. It is a single cylinder with one mag
It fired right up. It's running great. It's a little rough at full throttle. I'm guessing carb cleaner will solve that. It has a oil leak at the valve cover. I read there is a kit for 50 bucks. I had it sold for 350. but the guy wanted money off for the valve cover. I am just going to fix it then up the price. Thanks for the help.
Valve cover gaskets are dirt cheap. Better than RTV itself. If it's a Kohler with the V shaped cover, you must use a gasket. Others you can get away with sealant. The red wire may go to a fuel solenoid at the bottom of the carb. If one is not there, someone may have removed it as they're prone to failure.
The gasket kit has a new designed valve cover and a plate so it won't leak any more.
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