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the blades work fine but when you step on gas it wont engage forward with out jerking,and clicking and its getting worse it will go in reverse ok. what should i check for ? or repairs would this need?
briggs and stratton engine. i can't afford a new mower . any ideas for repair?

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I don't really know for sure how they operate. I suspect they maybe run on a variable pulley diameter setup with idlers to maintain the belt tension. You can try entering your model and serial number here:

PDF Manual Web Archive

Look for a parts list which should also have an exploded view. Might just be a matter of cleaning and lubing the mechanism (linkage, idlers, etc) or replacement of the variable speed pulley itself.

Worst case would be the gears in the actual transmission going bad. But it would seem to me if the variable drive is not releasing tension on the belt that could cause the noise and jerking too when shifting. (Kind of like shifting an older style gear transmission without using the clutch.)
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