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Troy Bilt won't start after turning on it's side

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I have a Troy Bilt model #11A-436M011, a push type purchased at Lowes about 3 years ago. Last year I hit a rock in the lawn, and while removing the blade, turned it on it's side to inspect the damage. It no longer started. I learned I had probably upset the float preventing it from starting. I had it professionally repaired, then managed to hit another rock this summer and damage the blade again. I thought I was careful to tilt the lawnmower carburetor side up this time, but apparently I did something wrong as it will not start again. I'm trying to find guidance or instructions, links to diagrams, on how to at least rule the float out as the culprit or suggestions for other troubleshooting, as another professional repair on this machine will have me exceeding the mowers initial cost. Before I give up and buy a new one I'd like to try to repair it myself. I am not a mechanic so what may seem obvious to some may not be to me, so if offering information please keep that in mind.
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The engine might just be flouded and need to be cleared out.

I'd pull the spark plug & clean it, remove the air filter, then pull the cord a few times. Then, re-install the spark plug and air filter and try starting it.

It may just need to be cleared out. Let us know what happens and we'll go from there. ;)
I would say the key in the flywheel is sheared== both times. Take it back to the mechanic and don't hit any more rocks!!
for my two cents i would go with hq109. fixer
the sheared key is my first guess also..they are designed to shear off in case you do hit something
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