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troy bilt pony wont start

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I'm having a problem with my troy built Pony with a Kohler Courage 20HP engine. It was running fine and I shut it off (because I got stuck in the mud and had to push it out). Nothing unusual about the shutdown. Since then it won't start. I thought is may be the solenoid, so bypassed that, got a new spark plug and verified that I have spark. Last attempt was to try some starter fluid. the engine spins for a bit then backfires through the carb. Is there some issue with the timing? If so, how do I adjust it?

Any guidance would be appreciated.
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troy bilt pony won't start

a little more info. the engine is a SV600-0229. Maybe that will help:Hot:
a bronco not a pony

Went out to have a heart-to-heart with my riding mower and saw it was a Bronco not a Pony. Hmmmmm, still won't start even if I call it by the right name. Help.
Did the mud get up into the frame and maybe pull a wire (or fuel line) loose?
no mud in there

I can't find any wire that is not connected. What confuses me is that, even when I put starting fluid in the cylinder, it doesn't fire. I grounded the spark plug against the engine and turned the motor over. I saw sparks across the plug, so I know I have spark. With spark and fuel (the starting fluid), the engine should have kicked over. the only thing I can think of is that the spark is coming at the wrong time, but I don't know how to adjust it.
Sounds like your guess "Spark at wrong time " most likely the problem.., way to adjust it...something [cam, flywheel key] is broken...IMO
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still won't start

I'm still working on my Bronco. I checked the valves and re-gapped them. The exhaust valve was about 1/8 inch, not .007 like the manual said. I kept my fingers crossed that the problem was solved, but no luck. Still spins and spins then backfires once (using starting fluid through the carb). Frustrated, I pulled the flywheel. Magnets look OK, not a lot of debris between the flywheel and stator. It appeared the flywheel key was OK. It was not a woodruff key looking thing, just a straight key, maybe half an inch long and about 3/16 x 3/16. Did not appear to be sheared and, testing the fit, the flywheel doesn't rotate independent of the shaft.

I'm ready to push it under my dozer (as soon as I get my injection pump back from the shop).

any IDEAS would be appreciated.:whatdoyouthink:
Well as you might know the Courage has a bad rep. It is possible it just had cam failure right at same time as your first issue. Sounds like a valve is not opening or hanging open. I have a old engine that did this same thing, exhaust valve hung open. No compression and once in a while a pop is all you get. Did you crank it over with valve cover off to verify valve rockers moving?
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