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Trouble with an Eager 1 Mower - HELP!

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I have a 6.75 hp Eager 1 Craftsman ( model # 917.377582 - green walk behind, self propelled, rear bagger). Mower always ran good for me. This year I started it up this year and it ran poorly. I took the lower carb (bowl) off cleaned it out, blew it out with air ran a wire bristle thru the little venturi holes replaced the primer gasket on the carb. Now I started it up and runs good for about 15 mins then it starts to puff out the exhaust, not smoke or anything just extra puffs of exhaust. Then it runs rough, stalls out and I have to wait for it to cool down. Then it runs good and starts the process all over again. Any Ideas? no gas leaking anywhere.
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First thing would be to loosen the fuel cap when it starts to "puff" and run rough to see if it smooths back out. If smooths out, clogged vent in the cap. ;)
Sticking Exhaust Valve? Check for debris build-up under the shroud that might be inhibiting cooling....
Hey Hoss.

I agree with Mark / Ohio.

Even though a clogged gas cap is not real common compared to clogged carb channels, the 15 minutes is about right for a vacuum to build up in the tank and cut fuel flow way down.

With no exhaust smoke the problem is likely due to a lean fuel/air mixture. Not many things cause that after the engine has run fine for a few minutes.
Check the oil, is it overfull. If so this is a sign of gas in oil. Carb needle valve sticking or dirty. Remove the carb and clean all that can be cleaned, insure your float is moving freely(and will float). Double check the needle valve seat and insure the teflon seat is clean. (I have blown the teflon seat out and lost it before, when using air to blow out a carb). Use mid grade gas without mentol for better operation. Oh, change the oil if it is overfull.
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