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I found out a way to hold my trimmer line spool. I found a crate I had, and used a PVC pipe as the axle which I stuck through the center of the spool. This makes it super easy to pull out and cut the trimmer string. I even put an Echo sticker on it!
spool 1.jpg spool 2.jpg

This will stay in my garage. At the beginning of the day I cut multiple 6-7 ft. strands of trimmer string, and attach them to my trimmer, so I can just take one of them off and use it instead of bringing a whole spool with me.
spool 3.jpg

I now made this crate a "universal spool holder" that holds all of my spools in the garage, including the trimmer string, paper towels, and twine. And now whenever I need one of these things I can just pull out the right amount, cut, and use. No need to mess with tangled twine!
spool 4.jpg spool 5.jpg
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