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Toro Zipper

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I have a pretty pristine Zipper sickel bar mower that needs a little TLC.Model#5593.It has engine#7 7 6033 model RSC703 made by Lauson.Am looking for parts book and operators manual.Also any info. available. Thanx
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Welcome Nette!

Only thing I found in searching was this thread over at SmokStak. Bill Sherlock is still an active member over there. Maybe you could get in touch with him and compare notes to see how close his manual is to the model you have.

Toro Zipper mower - SmokStak
Mark,sorry i'm so late replying. Thanks for the tip. Got ahold of Bill and saw a verry good site by Craig on Lauson engines. Bob
Sounds good Bob! If you get the chance and have a digital camera take a couple photos for us. Those are neat mowers! :cool:

Keep us posted... :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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