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Hi All
This model has the engine branded by Toro 452cc, which I think is by Loncin.
I had a problem with my toro last week when it stopped in the middle of cutting. I managed to get it going and then tried to examine what the problem was. I cleaned out the fuel lines, checked the air filters and then removed the carburetor. After replacing all the parts it turned over and started fine but when the engine was under load it dropped power (eg. up a hill or when the blades were engaged). I then checked the carburetor and couldn't find any problems so proceeded to look a the engine, the valves were a little loose so I tightened them up and whilst there checked the cylinder head and all looked good, no obvious signs of gasket or ring failure. I put it all back together and started the engine, so far it was fine and even the power seems better but I then noticed fuel leaking out of the fuel solenoid, I tried to tighten the bolts but no luck, so I have taken the carb apart and it all looks good but everytime I put the carb back and start the engine the fuel leaks out, I don't think its from a gasket it does seem to be from the solenoid seal.

Can anyone give me any tips or help? I'm also struggling to find replacement parts as I'm in the UK but that's for later.

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