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toro xl 380h only runs on choke

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Hi guys. thanks for your time in advance. i searched for this with nil results here, so here goes the question:
my neighbours xl380h was running well, often serviced, suddenly stopped and would only run on choke. it cranks ok, starts ok on lever at top ie choke on, idles there ok, but when lever is moved down to run it stalls over a second or 3. the governor arm does move seemingly ok, a small amount..

I checked the fuel filter in case ther was not much flow, and there was a dead bug caught in the tank output spout before the filter. so i cleaned all that, replaced the filter, checked the spark plug and it was ok and i replaced it anyway. there was and is a fair spark.

I took the carb off and opened it up removing the float ass'y and blew it all outwith compressed air in case there was crap there. nothing drastic appeared, it was quite clean.

put it all back together, no change. with the carb intake spout off from the airbox, i got someone else to sit on it and crank it and fire it up while i played with the throttle pin and the choke pin. if i kept the choke on it ran fine and would rev up n down ok, but once the choke is off manually or the lever is moved down to run, same deal, dies slowly over 1-2 seconds.

It still feels liek a carb blockage to me, given that it does run so much so in fact that we originally drove it over to my place on the choke (suburbie=30m drive, not far) so timing compression and spark must be ok...yet still no gooooo!

i can't just do a comp test on these can i, as i think they have a decompression setup and cranking would give me a false low reading anyway? is that right? though again, i don't suspect compression..
any experience with this? any help will be appreciated.
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thanks brad, agreed. will post with results if any change. ta. do you know if there should be a link between the choke pivot and the throttle pivot points on the carb? they both have a hole each as if they might have had a spring or rod link, but there isn't one, and i can't find one on the parts diagram, but wonder if one was there and has dropped off, causing the sudden change whilst in operation. hard to check without another one to look at. i don't suppose you have one of these toros?
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