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Having problems with my Toro 21" walk behind mower circa 1986.

Model = 20624
Serial = 6000001 - 6999999

The unit has a Suzuki engine (VMFS-326763) with Mikuni Carb.

Have had trouble starting the unit for the past few years. Discovered that if I tilted the unit to the left and then the right it would start. Assumed that this had something to do with the float filling the fuel bowl.

Took the carb off over the winter and discovered that there was a large ball of gum in the bowl - accumulation of years of stale fuel turning gummy - that was interfering with the operation of the float.

Disassembled the carb and soaked the various pieces and parts overnight in carb cleaner. Reassembled after cleaning and just finished putting it back on the mower. Prior to reassembly - did check the float to be sure that it was holding air and not leaking.

Installed new gasket on engine block spacer to carb. Realigned the throttle cable per owners manual.

So I just finished putting the carb back on the mower and trying to test the operation.

1) Pulling the rope with the mower flat on the ground - it will not start (same as prior years).

2) Tipping the mower to the right and then the left - and then returning to a flat position - the mower will start and run for 2 seconds until it runs out of fuel. Will not continue running.

Looking at the exploded parts diagram for the carb - there appear to be no internal adjustments that I needed to set on the carb. I assume that the jets are screwd in fully to prevent them from vibrating loose.

External adjustments for the carb - needle valve adjuster screw (#15) I have fully seated and then backed out 1-1-/2 turns (which I read on another web site). There is another external screw (#17) which I have also backed out 1-1/2 turns.

Wondering if the proper adjustment for these two screws should be...

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