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Toro TimeCutter Z4200 Riding Mower

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Hey y'all...

I started my mower the other day and I heard some knocking from the engine.
I turned the blades on and it struggled like it was going to shut down - so I turned the blades off. The knocking continued and I heard a loud bang and the engine came to a halt. Soon thereafter there was oil leakage. Any idea what can cause this? I also noticed there was oil on the air filter when I removed it. Something is seriously wrong here. Oil level was normal. This thing is less than 2 years old. It's a 19 HP Kohler engine. Any thoughts?

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At this time, it doesn't really sound too good, though that is first impressions only. What model Kohler do you have? A Courage?
Welcome to the forum olimazi. I would look up the model of your engine and enter it here to see what the warranty period is for it.

Kohler Engines: Warranty: Manuals and Maintenance

Hopefully your still within the coverage period because I think your going to need it. :(
sounds as if you may have a broken connecting rod which may have gone through the crankcase. hope it's still under warrranty. good luck
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