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Toro Proline 120 Problem

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I have an old '94 Toro Proline 120 52" mower with a Kohler engine (1300 hours), I recently replaced the electric clutch and mower has been running and cutting great.

Last week I went out to mow and the engine would not stay running, it would start every time but would not stay running. It turned out to be a dirty carb and a bad back fire solenoid. Before shelling out a hundred bucks for a new solenoid, I clipped the solenoid plunger and installed an in line fuel cut off valve and fully charged the battery. Sure enough the mower now runs great, but now when I flip the switch to engage the blades, nothing!

If I'm not sitting on the seat while the mower is running and I flip the switch it kills the mower as it should. Does anybody out there have any ideas on what I can check at this point? I'm at a loss...
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Greetigns, MCPGA, and welcome to the forum. I am leaning towards a bad ground on the clutch. Not certain, but if it's like a JD mower I had changed the clutch on, if the ground wire connecting to the frame came loose, the blades would cut out and eventually stop working. I thought it was a bad power supply, but all checked out. Crawled under the mower to remove the clutch and discovered the loose wire.
Thanks it's a good place to start...
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