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I have a fairly new Toro mower and the back wheels have become loose. I took it to a repair shop thinking they would fix it (it was under warranty) and they denied my request. They were nice enough to give me the list of replacement parts they would've ordered, and I ordered a couple new pivot arms. I will attach pictures of it. It's the oddly shaped metal plate (Part number 136-9090).

The problem I'm having is getting it apart from the bearing in the mower deck. I've tried many different ways of grabbing that large nut, I've tried using a pipe wrench on the outside (thinner part) of the bearing and twisting, but no luck. Is there some type of adhesive they would've used? You can see it is threaded if you look at the outside, there's maybe 1 line of thread. The rusty nut with a hole is a bearing and is the same piece as the thin tube on the outside that is shiny metal. Any help would be greatly appreciated! It's literally this one thing, and there are NO YouTube videos about this specific part.

Thanks in advance!!
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