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Toro Personal pace

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I picked up this mower 9 years ago as a returned item at Lowes. I don't kow what kind of problems the original purchaser had but I picked the mower up for less than a cheapy push mower.

When I got it is was missing the discharge shoot and the operators manual but I went on line and wrote to Toro and got the items free of charge in a matter of days.

The mower has given me great service over the years and has never failed to start on the first or second pull.

The personal pace mower is unique as you don't match you pace to a preset speed based on the mowers gearing, the mower "senses" your speed and matches its pace to you. If I have had a hard day and am crawling around the yard the mower crawls, however if I just finished a bowl of Wheaties backed up with 3 cups of coffee it will keep up with my pace even up to about 6 mph yet instantly slow as I do to cut around obstacles in the yard. I have had no issues with the mower other than to replace a spring that mysteriously went missing in the left drive hub. Change the oil, lube the hubs and wheels ,sharpen the blade, keep the air filter clean and keep fresh gas in her seems to be all it has needed to keep on starting and running faithfully.

If I ever need another mower I will likely look at another Toro Personal Pace.

Mower also came with bagging attachment


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Wow, exceptionally clean for a 9 year old mower. The care you've given certainly shows.

My 72 year old Dad has one nearly identical to yours and he has put it through the tortures. He just swapped engines as he wore out the original from several hundred (hard) hours of use. It still keeps on performing better than most newer machines available today.
Wow, exceptionally clean for a 9 year old mower. The care you've given certainly shows.
I agree---you've taken great care of it.

Thanks for the review.
My Mother-in-law bought the top of the line Toro mower over 10 years ago. It had electric start with 3 speed self propel. It always started easily. It was easy to start manually as well. I thought it cut well and the lawn looked great when finished either mulch or grass catcher. However, I had 2 issues with the mower. First, was the grass catcher. It was a rear bagger and it was the most difficult thing I have ever used to empty. Trying to get the clippings into a lawn bag was virtually impossible. I usually dumped the clippings on a pile and then bagged them by hand for disposal. The second issue with the Toro was the height adjustment. IMHO that is the poorest engineered device of any mower on the market. The rear adjustment wore so badly from the few bumps it encountered in the lawn that I could no longer keep it at the desired height (2 1/2 inches). The other factor was all the weight from the grass clippings and battery that rode on the back of the mower. I eventually became so frustrated that I removed the wheels and drilled a hole through the height adjustment lever and frame and bolted it fast at the desired height.
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Looks like your mower is proof positive that if you take care of your equipment, it'll last forever.
I have a Toro Recycler albeit not the Personal Pace model. It has always started up on the first pull but is VERY sensitive to even the smallest amount of wet grass. It bogs down a lot too.
I have a Toro Recycler albeit not the Personal Pace model. It has always started up on the first pull but is VERY sensitive to even the smallest amount of wet grass. It bogs down a lot too.
The Personal Pace sounds like a good one. I'm starting to have problems with the recycler, similar to yours. After the warranty ran out, it got hard to start, and to keep running. The filter and plug were cleaned/replaced regularly, oil changed, blade sharpened, moving parts on the carb and linkage cleaned and oiled, etc. and it still doesn't run well most of the time. On a yard with just a week's growth, it's okay, but if there's some moisture it acts horrified and the choke doesn't kick in like it should. I've cleaned what I can reach on the choke but it might need to be replaced. Even on a mild yard, the engine sometimes sputters and blows out dark smoke for a while, then it recovers. Some of the better mechanics on here might recognize this syndrome and say "All you have to do is ..." Thanks in advance if that happens. ;-)
This is a Kohler engine on the 22" Recycler, about four years old. Looking at the Toro website, now they use Briggs engines, not a Kohler in sight. Makes me wonder if they finally realized that Kohlers aren't so good. Unfortunately, I bought a second Recycler three years ago to use on the rental properties and last year it started spewing oil out the exhaust. Of course, the warranty had recently run out so it's sitting around for spare parts.
Some of you are still covered in snow, down here's the grass is starting to grow. Sorry about that.
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have one myself, I've owned it now for about 2-3 years and bought it used. Does a great job of mowing , although I use it just for trimming. Only problem I have is when I try to mulch higher grass . just bogs down and I stalled it out a few times trying...but I would expect that but I had to the side discharge shute gets attached and all is well this one has a Tecumseh 6.5 has been starting on 1st or 2nd pull
my toro self propelled mower ( not a personal pace ) is about 16yrs old, the carb had to be replaced about four years ago. its the only problem I've had with my mower
I picked up a more modern Toro Personal Pace mower with the 190CC Briggs for $40. The transmission was blown on it, hence the short price-tag. I've seen others for sale with bad transmissions, so it sounds like this could be a weak point for them. I just wanted it for the engine - the rest of the machine has been pitched.

The RWD Lawn Boy I have, with a similar "personal pace" type of transmission has been very reliable once I sorted out the carb and dead-man circuit issues.
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