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Good morning, everyone!

Before I explain the issue I'm having here's a description of my mower along with model #s, serial #s, etc.

It's a Toro 22in recycler with the personal-pace drive.
Model #: 20076
Serial #: 270021680

The engine is Tecumseh.
Model #: LV195XA
Spec: 362086E
DOM: 07045GG1319

I'm assuming the carb is a Series 8 but can't be sure. I've attached a picture of it as well as a picture of the control bracket. Two screws attached the control bracket to the carb but nothing was attached to the bracket.

At one point I noticed that it seemed to have lost some power while mowing, almost like it wasn't getting up to speed. So like an idiot I turned the screw on the carb until it sounded brand new and went on my merry way.

This year, I fired it up it sounded fine. But once I mow for a little while, when I disengage the blade the engine revs up like it's going 20mph. If I engage the blade it sounds normal again. I thought I should put the screw back to where it was (I wrote down how much I turned it) but now I have the same behavior, just at a slower speed.

Obviously I screwed something up so I made sure I performed all routine maintenance items by-the-book and then found this forum to ask for help.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I should check, adjustments that need to be made, etc?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!



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