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Toro motors

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I am looking at a new mower. I currently have a Lawn Boy with 10765 (green Toro super bagger). I am looking at a Honda HRX and current Toro's. I see Toro now has a branded motor. How is it compared to Honda and B+S motors? Reliability?
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One other question. How short does the the Super Recycles actually cut? I see the setting is as low as 1.25". Is that actual? I ask because I have bermuda grass and cut really short and scalp in the spring.
The new Toro motor is made in China, but it has some nice features - cast iron sleeve, bearings, etc. So far the feedback has been good, but time will tell if it will last 10 years+. Yes, I would consider the 1.25" to be pretty accurate.

I have had a Honda push mower over here for the past eight years. I wouldn't want any other kind. The engine, after all this time, starts on the first pull. It also is easy on gas and burns no oil. The deck, made from regular steel, has not some MTD's after one season. I would recommend a Honda to anyone. :cool
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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