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Toro Customer Service - HELP

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:mad:Over 5 weeks ago I brought my Toro model 20093 walk behind lawnmower to a local Toro authorized repair dealer to have a part replaced. According to my dealer work order, the part is described as a "drive bracket for the belt" and is covered under my warranty. I was told that once they had the part the repair would take approximately 1 hour. Well, after 5 weeks and numerous conversations with the dealer and Toro Customer Service, I still do not have my lawnmower. Toro Customer Service has promised action however, the only action I have received is a case number and weekly promises that my mower will be ready "this week." "This week" has been going on for over a month. Now Customer Service tells me "their system is down" and there is no way to check to determine if the repair facility has even ordered the part.

The "HELP" I need is an email address or telephone number I can call at Toro Hq. to get positive action. It's obvious to me that I have to bypass Toro Customer Service. Any other guidance you may provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Welcome to MLF Alcon. I'm afraid I don't have any insider information other then what I could find on the internet.

Here's a listing of the top dogs there: The Toro Company: Executive Officers

Also found this one. I have never used them so I don't know if they are a scam or not. Might be digging around there you would hit a number that would reach someone willing to look into it.

The Toro Email | Michael Hoffman | CEO CFO
Thanks very much for your reply. I sent an email to Toro Public Relations asking for their assistance. A friend of mine told me that the local authorized Toro repair facility keeps their mowers outside (in the weather) waiting for repair. So my fairly new mower has been sitting in the rain, not my garage, for the past 6+ weeks-UGH!!!!
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